EDU TECH for Secondary School

Basic numerical knowledge and skills and engineering approach are essential for all junior high school students, regardless of their future profession. Our secondary school sets are highly productive about curiosity, the source of scientific development, the real applications of Robotics - Coding, the place of mathematics and physics in our lives.


KUR-1 : Take Action (Cars and Propulsion Set)

While middle school students learn how to move vehicles in practice, they begin to comprehend how engineers produce solutions to problems through life with the power of the engine and that engineering is actually problem solving.


KUR-2 : Observe (Optical Set)

Secondary school students learn with optical technologies that it is necessary to identify the problem, that is to observe, for the engineering approach based on problem solving.


KUR-3 : System Setup (Electrical - Electronic Set)

Secondary school students establish the system of their own engineering approaches while recognizing the electrical - electronic systems underlying the technological solutions in our lives.


KUR-4 : Find Source (Advanced Energy Conversion Systems Set)

Secondary school students design where to use energy to solve problems in terms of their engineering approaches while conducting experiments on the transformation systems of energy, which is the source of technology.


KUR-5 : Produce Solution (Advanced Compressed Air Systems Set)

Secondary school students not only model compressed air systems and electropneumatic technologies, but also use these technologies to solve problems in their daily lives thanks to the engineering approach they developed at previous levels.


KUR-6 : Become an Engineer (Engineering Kit)

As a real engineer, junior high school students can adapt many technologies in the real world and produce technological solutions to their daily problems.


KUR-7 : Design (Advanced Dynamic and Force Systems Set)

Secondary school students not only produce one-on-one modeling and technological solutions with an engineering approach, but also create relationships between these models and solutions.


KUR-8 : Explore (Robotic Discoveries Kit)

By combining engineering approach with robotic - coding technology, junior high school students explore their cute robots to become a better engineer. understand the fun and easy aspects of technology