EDU TECH for High School

The STEM Approach, which envisages a combination of numerical disciplines, has a major role in achieving high school goal gains. Our high school sets are highly efficient in programming, recognizing industry with one-to-one examples of robotic automation applications in industry, numerical knowledge and skills above basic level.


KUR-1 : Make Your Own Robot (Explore Robots Set)

High school students combine their engineering approach with robotic - coding technology to explore their cute robots to become a better engineer.


KUR-2 : Make Your Own Equipment (Robot Competitions Set)

High school students step into the world of robotics - coding technologies. He writes his own code, produces his own robots. Know the software and hardware details of robotics.


KUR-3 : Make Your Own Home (Smart Home Set)

High school students produce a current and qualified model of smart home technologies through their own efforts. So he learns that houses can also have brains.


KUR-4 : Make Your Own Automation (Factory Robots Set)

High school students advance their robotic - coding skills to design, code and build their own automation systems.


KUR-5 : Make Your Own Machine (Electro Pneumatic Automation Set)

High school students combine their robotics - coding skills with engineering approach to produce their own automation systems. It applies many technologies in the real world and creates technological solutions to its problems in daily life.