EDU TECH for Kindergarten

Visual, auditory, rhythmic, sensory, behavioral, etc. For kindergarten students who develop their knowledge and skills with games in all types of learning, our products are more than just a toy.

Our kindergarten sets are very efficient in micro motor skill development, attention gathering and arousing interest.


KUR-1 : Shape Your Dreams

Kindergarten students are familiar with shapes and colors by developing basic motor skills. He finds the opportunity to easily shape the designs of his dreams.


KUR-2 : Animate Shapes

Kindergarten students learn how to move something with their own cute vehicle models. Thus, the relationship between shape and movement is established


KUR-3 : Associate Movements

Kindergarten students are discovering the factors that differentiate the movement while constructing slightly more complex models of vehicles. In this way, it begins to detect problems related to movement and to produce solutions.


KUR-4 : Evaluate Relationships

Kindergarten students realize how the factors affecting movement are used in our daily lives through their own models. As small engineers, they can produce solutions to their daily problems.